The Basque Coast source of beauty

Between sea and mountain, all the pleasures...

From Anglet, where our hotel is located, to Hendaye, the Basque Coast presents varied but still enchanting reliefs: cliffs overlooking the sea, large sandy beaches, rocky and cut coastline. Following the road by the sea, you will discover beautiful seaside resorts such as Biarritz, Saint-Jean-de-Luz or Hendaye but also typical Basque villages such as Bidart or Guéthary. At each of these stages, you can enjoy the pleasures of the ocean by indulging in surfing, sailing or, from the beach, to lazy moments of relaxation.

There are many original ways to appreciate the beauty of the Basque Coast. To enjoy beautiful panoramas, you can do it from the air during a helicopter baptism. If you have the sailor's foot, you can admire it from a unique point of view, from the ocean, aboard a sailboat. Some agencies on the coast also offer sea trips accompanied by specialists who will make you discover the marine environment by bringing you near the sites where, with a little luck, you will be able to observe dolphins, turtles and even sharks or sharks. whales.

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5 kilometres from the hotel

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5 kilometres from the hotel

A paradise for surfers and lovers of the great outdoors, Biarritz also boasts a rich cultural heritage. Along the coast and in the old town centre, extravagant villas and historical monuments serve as a reminder of the affluence of the Belle Epoque years.

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7 kilometres from the hotel

Famous for its fine dining and its ham, Bayonne is the cultural capital of the Basque Country. Between gourmet shops and centuries-old monuments, set off to discover this charming and colourful town.

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Basque Country

The character of a country unlike any other

Between earth and sea, the Basque Country evokes the power and majesty of the ocean, but also a strong cultural identity. With its Spanish and Gascon influences, this stunning region has developed a unique character which is fascinating to get to know.