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Like many border regions, the beauty of the Basque Country is rooted in a variety of cultures. Along the coast or further inland, discover a unique art de vivre (traditional lifestyle) - a mix of local foods, festivals and sports events. Also discover an impressive heritage between the stunning villas of the seaside resorts and historical monuments, some of which date back to antiquity.


The French part of the Basque country is divided into three provinces. Labourd is the best-known with its coast line, the capital of the country, Bayonne, and the charming seaside resorts of Biarritz, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Hendaye and Anglet. To the east, Lower Navarre is organised around three verdant valleys, and presents a haven for trekkers and lovers of the great outdoors. Further to the east, Soule is a more rural province, with wild landscapes, where locals still proudly hold onto Basque traditions.

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5 kilometres from the hotel

A paradise for surfers and lovers of the great outdoors, Biarritz also boasts a rich cultural heritage. Along the coast and in the old town centre, extravagant villas and historical monuments serve as a reminder of the affluence of the Belle Epoque years.

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7 kilometres from the hotel

Famous for its fine dining and its ham, Bayonne is the cultural capital of the Basque Country. Between gourmet shops and centuries-old monuments, set off to discover this charming and colourful town.

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Basque Country

The character of a country unlike any other

Between earth and sea, the Basque Country evokes the power and majesty of the ocean, but also a strong cultural identity. With its Spanish and Gascon influences, this stunning region has developed a unique character which is fascinating to get to know.

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Basque Coast

In the reflected light of the ocean

The Basque Coast presents a variety of landscapes with its rough, rocky coast line, long sandy beaches, and abrupt cliffs. From Anglet to Hendaye, discover a succession of stunning seaside resorts and small typically Basque villages.