A Restaurant in Anglet

Open to all and with group offers

Surfing, golf, ocean air, and the great outdoors are all likely to whet the appetite... So let yourself be tempted by our gourmet cuisine! Our menu features fresh produce and sweet treats, with a selection of meat and fish dishes.

Overlooking the park and the lake, the restaurant and its outdoor terraces exude a sense of peace and serenity.

An inspired cuisine, full of colours and smells, does full justice to the superb local Basque produce and fish. The wine menu has been carefully thought out to complement your meal.


You can also relax over a drink in the indoor or outdoor bar.

Right by Biarritz,

a restaurant among stunning natural surroundings!

Are you looking for a quiet restaurant on the Basque Coast with exceptional views over a lake and forest? 

Why not treat yourself to a gourmet break at our restaurant at the heart of Chiberta Golf Course by the ocean!


In good weather, eat out on the terrace and enjoy a menu based around fish and meat planchas, big salads, mouth-watering desserts and the famous gâteau basque.

Take your time and savour these special moments with squirrels and wild ducks for neighbours.

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